How To Watch Mayweather vs Paul Live Stream Online

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul live stream boxing fight has confirmed that he is retiring after facing Boundary’s YouTube star Logan Paul at a show in June. The fight will be held at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on June 5, before the fight is postponed until February.

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The 43-year-old American, who achieved the perfect career record, was “retired” and came back several times after the 2015 fight against Andre Barto – famously defeated UFC star Connor McGregor in 2013, then took part in bizarre clashes. Against Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in 2018.

Date:Sun, June 6, 2021
Where:Acid Rock Arena in Miami, United States.
When:9:00 pm ET
Official Broadcast:Fanmio with Showtime PPV
Live Stream:Watch LIVE Here

Paul has collected more than 20 million YouTube subscribers for his comedy sketches and video blogs. The 26-year-old boxing experience consists of just two matches against YouTuber KSI, an exhibition and a professional.

If you’re looking for something for your adrenaline pumping while packing the action, you might be lucky. YouTuber Logan Paul is ready to play 15-time champion Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match.

Mayweather vs Logan Paul live stream

The matchup seems strange because Paul had some experience in the ring but fighting Mayawadar is not an easy feat. But one thing is for sure, it will create some great entertainment

Logan Paul is young, rich and famous, and he has decided that what he really wants to do in life will be put in his mouth. Hey, different strokes for different people. April 2, Paul and Floyd Mayweather Jr. finally announce a new date and venue for their long-discussed boxing match: June at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium.

Undefeated, 12 times, five-division boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather will play a special exhibition boxing match to social media Logan Paul 50-0 in what is expected to be history. This is a direct opportunity to watch this event on Fanmio PPV. “Finally it’s official,” Paul tweeted. “Fighting Floyd Mayweather at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on Sunday, June 6th.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Date Confirmed: When will the fight take place, which TV channel and live stream will be on? Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr.: How to See, Start Date, Learn Everything

When will Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul take place?

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul has been CONFIRMED for Sunday, June 6 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

The fight was supposed to be held on Saturday, February 20, but the bout was postponed.

It was rumoured that the reason for the postponement was a lack of interest, however Logan Paul denied that that was the case.

Claiming the decision was down to “business complications”, he said: “The Mayweather fight is pushed [back] which I am completely OK with.

“The fight’s still happening [but] we want to have a packed arena somewhere and then the business side of things, we have to iron them out.

“He’s got a lot of people on his team, [his advisor] Al Haymon got involved, if you know boxing, you know what that means for getting an actual deal done and figuring out a venue.

How to Mayweather vs Paul live stream?

The fight will be broadcast on Showtime PPV. You can stream the fight live in Fanmio. There is no need to purchase tickets for the live stream and it comes with a limited edition T-shirt as well as a chance to win a video and greet Mayweather and Paul.

How to watch Mayweather vs Logan Paul Live Stream Fight Online

The fight is scheduled for June 6 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. Mayweather’s own promotional company, premium cable channel Showtime, and the fan-experience website Fanmio are all involved.

Those who want to see the fight will need to get pay-per-view access. A ticket to watch the fight comes with a T-shirt, and costs $49.99 (£36, AU$64). But some who’ve already bought access to the fight may have landed a lower price — it was rescheduled from February, and was originally priced at $24.99. (£18 GBP, AU$33).

Fanmio’s site says that 20 US residents who sign up for Fanmio will also get a video meet-and-greet with the fighters — and the giveaway rules say those winners do not have to buy the fight to enter the drawing.

If you buy the fight, Fanmio’s website says you can watch it on a variety of devices, including iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Google TV, Android TV, and Fire TV.

Mayweather vs Logan Paul Live stream Online Guide

Don’t miss out on Mayweather vs Logan Paul as the event can be live-streamed online by, ESPN+, BT Sport, Kayo Sports, TSN, and sky-arena. These are all sports streaming platforms with original video content, live games, and in-depth analysis. These are homes to Boxing pay-per-view events. Mapped out are the instructions or rather guidelines on how to Livestream from the platforms mentioned.

  • Fanmio

Fanmio is an online streaming website for boxing. The “Special Exhibition” fight of Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul will be available to stream online on Showtime as Pay- Per- View (PPV).

The PPV is set to be $24.99 for the first one million sales, then it will be $39.99, and afterward from 29 December, it will rise to $59.99, and the final hike will be $69.99 on 11 February. People can purchase it from Showtime and Fanmio’s official website and then enjoy this exciting big boxing event.

  • ESPN+

Ultra-fast streaming is also possible using ESPN+. Visit, create an account by signing up or log in for an existing user and select a subscription of your liking to a monthly or yearly pay per view. This card airs on July 10th, 2021, from 6:15 pm ET on ESPN+ and the main event at 10:00 pm ET on ESPN+.

  • BT Sport

BT Sport is the UK and Ireland-based group of pay television channels. You can Livestream the Mayweather vs Logan Paul on the BT app or through the web player. Visit the official website, sign up or log in for an existent user and subscribe to a plan of your convenience. Kick off the count down to the D-day to log in and witness the Mayweather vs Logan Paul event. Enjoy!

  • Kayo Sports

Kayo Sport is a pay-per-view game content provider on the web. Visit its website and engage the drill. Create an account by signing up, or if you are already an existent user, log in using your credentials and select a subscription plan. Sit back, wait for the D-day and time, stream the live-on-demand Mayweather vs Logan Paul event.

  • TSN

TSN offers the diversity of streaming with and without Cable. For a new user, visit the TSN website and sign up while the existing user logs in. Pick the right plan for you and get access to streaming the Mayweather vs Logan Paul event come July 10th.

  • Sky-Arena

Alternatively, visit Create an account or log in and pick a subscription plan to your liking to access the web Livestream. Tune in to Sky Sports arena to Livestream the Mayweather vs Logan Paul lightweight trilogy and other bouts scheduled for the big day.

Final Words

undefeated (50-0) boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather, 45, is playing with the 22-year-old YouTuber with the latest boxing record of Logan Paul’s boxing in June 2020. The match is a PPV as it will be seen, and you can watch Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul live stream fights from almost all over the world. Just after the venue’s press release and more details boxing-loving fans will start crowding for more PPV tickets. Therefore, do not delay in buying these. Hopefully, the unmatched pair will have a thrilling fight to enjoy their followers around the world.

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