Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather PPV Live

Logan Paul vs Mayweather PPV Live; Watch free Streaming The reality for Mayweather is that a loss of any kind would have the potential to put an enormously large stain on how painstakingly he tied his legacy to the maintenance of his perfect record. Then again, maybe that’s the beauty in how Mayweather set this fight up.

Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather PPV Live

As an exhibition, the result of the fight has no standing on Mayweather’s 50-0 record from a historical perspective at all. The built-in excuses of everything from age to the giant gap in weight between the two could also be activated to help clean the initial — and largely unavoidable — gaping wound that would be caused by the embarrassment of losing this type of fight.

Then again, Mayweather didn’t get to a spot where he could call himself “TBE” without knowing the financial realities of every situation. Mayweather will only add to his riches with this fight, which he has compared to robbing a bank in broad daylight. A loss, for however damaging it might feel in the moment, would only stoke the fires for an even bigger rematch, not to mention an inevitable fight with brother Jake.

The even bigger mess to clean up, however, in the aftermath of the internet breaking should Paul do the impossible would be boxing’s reputation.

The idea of crossover entertainment fights — such as the ones the Paul brothers have become the leaders of putting on, evidenced Jake signing with Showtime — have been a slow or even non-existent sell to the sport’s old guard of traditionalists. A win this big and seemingly impossible for an outsider against the very best of the most recent era could be received as a damaging black eye to the current state of business.

Or, one could look at that relationship for what it really is and realize that, for as long as this Paul-brother bubble lasts from the standpoint of inflated PPV sales, it’s a rising tide of attention-grabbing headlines and renewed interest in the sport that raises all ships who preach undying love for the sweet science.

Muhammad Ali infamously fought 15 rounds (in what some consider a precursor to mixed martial arts) against pro wrestler Antonio Inoki in 1976 while still an active fighter and accumulated the damage of countless leg strikes in a disappointing draw that had little to no longterm adverse affect on Ali’s brand (save the remaining juice it squeezed from his legs).

Former UFC champion Tim Sylvia was also knocked out with one punch by 48-year-old Ray Mercer, a former heavyweight boxing titleholder, in a 2009 MMA bout on a smaller promotion which, after the initial shock and shame, was largely forgotten.

Granted, Mayweather-Paul is happening on a much, much larger stage than the previous example and involving two of the most famous people in sports and pop culture across the globe. And the old phrase of “the internet never forgets” is probably a lot more true when one of the participants built his name upon clowning himself and others in order to mine internet gold.

Ellerbe, for what it’s worth, isn’t worried.

“He is having fun. Floyd knows how to handle himself and he has done a phenomenal job of being TBE,” Ellerbe said. “This is an exhibition. He has accomplished everything one could ever want to in the sport being an active fighter. He is retired and I am very proud of him for walking away from the sport. He became a billionaire in the sport, the first to ever do it. He came from poverty and that’s through hard work and dedication and having a great team. He was able to walk away and retire from this sport with all of his faculties and pass on the torch to the younger generation.”

Only Mayweather hasn’t exclusively walked away and clearly still has one foot in the door. It’s just hard to believe Paul has enough in him to stomp on him and somehow sway the “Bragging Rights” into his favor.

“Bragging rights?” Lacroix said. “The only person who is bragging is going to be us. Floyd is going to be in misery.”

Should the impossible take place, misery would undoubtedly be upon Mayweather and would likely have the company of the general boxing world. Whether or not that dent could be repairable might depend upon the way in which he lost but certainly wouldn’t be able to change everything he has already accomplished and given to the sport.

Just try telling that to the internet for the first 24 hours, days or, possibly, even years.

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